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LLC Coverage: Achieving Our Full Network Potential

Source: Bridges To Knowledge: A Blog by Barry Camson
Date: April 6, 2013
Description: Blog Article


Achieving Our Full Network Potential

"What would our network be like if we could achieve our full potential?"

Questions like these were at the core of a workshop that I recently attended that was given by Beth Tener. The workshop was about asking "strategic questions." A strategic question helps open up the person with whom you are speaking to new possibilities. A strategic question is characterized as being open-ended and positive. It asks the other person to look beyond the "shoulds" in their life to explore how a desired state could be attained. A question might be: "what would it take in order for you to attain what you are looking for?" Asking such a question also helps the questioner to have an experience as a positive, possibility-seeking person.


A strategic question in addition to opening up a space inside the other person can also be used to open up space in a network or organization. A typical situation where such a question can be useful in organizations is to help the organization move beyond dejection to positivism, to move beyond griping to looking at what can be accomplished, to move from looking endlessly within the same old "box" to looking "outside the box."