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LLC Coverage: MAR Leadership undertakes external evaluation with Leadership Learning Community

Source: MAR Leadership Program Blog
Date: March 2013
Description: Blog Article


MAR Leadership undertakes external evaluation with Leadership Learning Community


We are happy to introduce our new evaluation and learning partner, the Leadership Learning Community (LLC).  LLC is a nonprofit learning network of 3,000 people who run, fund, and study leadership development programs that work for social change.  They have worked with hundreds of leadership programs, evaluated dozens of them, and are committed to learning and passionate about the environment and social justice issues. They are currently conducting an external evaluation of the MAR Leadership Program.

The goals of the evaluation are:

  1. Identify the program elements that best support fellows and the success of their projects.
  2. Offer recommendations about how to strengthen support for fellows and their projects.
  3. Assess the impact of fellows’ projects on MAR Leadership’s conservation goals.

Accompanied by the program’s director, María Eugenia Arreola, evaluators have already conducted site visits in Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras, where they met with fellows and people who are involved in the projects, are familiar with them, and/or are affected by the projects.  These visits allowed evaluators to see the skills fellows learn being put to use and gave the evaluation team and MAR Leadership staff a chance to understand more about the challenges that projects face and factors that enable projects to flourish.

For more about the Leadership Learning Community, visit their website at