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LLC Coverage: Rural Communities Face Challenge Of Recruiting, Developing Leaders

Date: 7/17/12
Description: Blog Article by Nancy Fasching reposted from the Bush Foundation’s Courageous Leadership blog.


Rural Communities Face Challenge Of Recruiting, Developing Leaders


A few weeks ago I attended the Leadership Chautauqua co-hosted by the Bush Foundation and Leadership Learning Community that focused on how to improve leadership effectiveness and, in turn, strengthen community vitality. Walking on the University of Minnesota - Morris campus on a beautiful June evening, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect of my first “Chautauqua.” I was delighted to see the big white tent welcome me as I crossed the campus. A hundred years ago, I learned, events like this were held to bring folks together to respectfully learn from each other as equals—an opportunity to “give a lift in the right direction, introduce a subject or fill in knowledge gaps.”

This event did just that. It provided not only an opportunity for retreat and reflection, but a wonderful time for networking and learning. The group, the setting and the conversation gave me time to think about how we support rural communities and their way of life. With ever-changing populations, I started to wonder from where the next generation of leaders would come. Read More>>