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Network Weaver: A Guide to Transformational Networks: Handbook by June Holley


The Leadership Learning Community has been involved in a number of Social Network Analysis projects over the past couple of years with leadership programs who are trying to understand the strengths of their graduate networks and how to help these networks take action.  Of course the maps we produce provide a snapshot of the current network but the reason for producing this snapshot is to better understand how to strengthen the network and often weave the network.  June Holley’s book is a godsend for anyone involved in network weaving. 

There are two things I really appreciate about this resource.  First, it introduces the concept of networks: what they are, what can be accomplished through them, how to analyze them and most important, what you can do to improve the ability of the network to accomplish its purpose.  The ideas are explained in very accessible language and include lots of great case studies to illustrate the concepts.  The second thing I love about this resource is the “how to” practical guidance.  There are diagnostic tools, checklists, and exercises that can help anyone in their endeavor to become a better steward of their networks.  I highly recommend this resource for people doing leadership development work. Understanding how to weave your graduate networks allow you to more greatly help your participants build their own network capacities to be more effective agents of social change. 

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