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Support the Leadership Learning Community: Milestones and Plans for 2011


Some of the milestones we have reached over the last ten years include:

As we move into the year ahead we encourage you to consider making a contribution to help move the work forward.


Key Projects for 2011:

We thank all of you for investing time and energy and ask that you take your commitment one step further and consider making a contribution. Our goal is to raise $35,000 to support our work in 2011. Some of the projects your contributions will support are:

  • A publication on Leadership and Networks, focused on improving the capacity to catalyze, develop and support leadership in networks in the social sector.
  • Creating Space 2011. This annual national meeting offers you an opportunity to collectively explore the most pressing issues and opportunities facing the leadership development field.
  • A webinar series that will feature prominent thought leaders in different areas such as collective leadership and social technologies.


 Our Work over the Last 10 Years