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Leadership and Transformational Community Change - A Seattle Gathering

02/08/2008 - 1:00pm - 4:00pm US/Pacific

The Leadership Learning Community and The Center for Ethical Leadership invite you to a Learning Community Session Leadership and Transformational Community Change.

Over the last several years the Leadership Learning Community has hosted several convenings in the Puget Sound area to explore opportunities to connect the resources and learning of those who share a commitment to leadership. We have found in many regions the best way to understand the value of a collegial learning exchange is to experience it first hand. In this spirit and with an increased sense of urgency about leadership opportunities, we have asked those who contributed interesting learning sessions at our national meeting if they would share their work with leadership stakeholders in their region. The Center for Ethical Leadership generously offered to partner with us in hosting a session that will extract and share some of what they have learned about community leadership through their work with the Kellogg Leadership for Community Change.

We hope you will be able to join us, contribute to and benefit from a rich conversation about transformational community leadership. We hope our learning circle session will serve to provide new ideas, connections and resources that will help to strengthen our individual and collective leadership development work.

We look forward to a rich learning exchange. If you have questions, please call Deborah at (510) 238-9080. We look forward to seeing you on February 8th!

Please RSVP by February 4 to

We would like to thank our host:
Casey Family Programs
and our learning partner:
The Center for Ethical Leadership

Our guest catalyst, Saroeum Phoung, was born in Cambodia and immigrated to the US during the Pol Pot regime via refugee camps in Thailand and the Philippines. Settling in East Boston he faced the all too common difficulties of immigrant life --- cultural difference, racism, and violence. Through his work with Roca, a community values-led youth serving organization, he experienced personal transformation and became a staff member. Saroeum learned to lead peace-making circles from the Tagish Tlingit First Nation as a way to share power, include more community voices, and build relationships that foster healing and hope. He is now helping to transform the way key institutions in Chelsea, MA work with each other and with community. Saroeum will demonstrate his approach and share what he has learned about how to facilitate community change and invite you to share with one another what you are learning about the role of leadership in creating transformational community change.
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