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Ari Sahagun

Ari Sahagun.jpg
My passion is supporting social justice work.  I do so through leveraging relationships to build capacity — sort of like matchmaking — at a network level.  I also have a knack for web design and making technology approachable.
Right now, this looks like facilitating peer learning amongst climate justice organizations in the United States, mapping interconnections between citizen-generated data initiatives around the world, and developing behaviors for large-scale network health to end violence against women.

Click here for my CV.

Questions that entertain my thoughts are:
  • How can remember our inherent interconnectedness in a society that wants to see us as individuals?
  • (How) Can technology support us in creating a world where climate justice is realized?
  • How are power dynamics playing out in relationships and networks?
  • How do we resource all of these efforts, in particular through investment capital?