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Inviting You to Join Leadership For A New Era

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 “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” (John F. Kennedy)

After almost a decade of leading and learning, we have decided to stop and reflect. We are taking some time not only to think about how leadership has changed over the last 10 years, but more importantly, what leadership means today, in this new era. This era, our era, is one of increasing interaction and collaboration among groups – locally, nationally and internationally.  

An era of great challenges and opportunities, of a heightened sense of social responsibility, and a more encompassing sense of identity that involves how we see ourselves as individuals, community members, and citizens of the world. This era of interconnectedness demands a different kind of leadership – one that moves from the individual to the group, encouraging leaders from all paths of life to come together and make a collective impact that would not otherwise exist.


So we are taking a stand today and inviting all of you, our valued Leadership Learning Community members, to join us as we explore what leadership means for our era, and work together to strengthen the field of leadership development for social change. Here’s the scoop:

  • What?
    • This initiative, the Leadership for a New Era, is a collaborative initiative that invites members of the leadership development community to share information, discuss ideas, and ultimately create tangible and compelling publications that will be used to spread our thinking and influence change.
  • Who?
    • This project was initiated by The Leadership Learning Community and a group of advisors made up by individuals and organizations in the field. Click here for a complete list of partners.
  • Why?
    • We see a need for leadership that is more inclusive and focused on groups as opposed to individuals.
  • How?
    • We will use an open, transparent and collaborative workspace – a combination of a wiki and a couple of targeted discussion forums – that will also exist as a resource for everyone in the community. At the end of the journey we will end up with four publications and a robust online resource.

Our approach is simple and can be described in four words:

1) Focus: the exploration will be focused on four key topics that are highly representative of the new era, such as leadership in a networked society.
2) Collaboration: we will create and maintain a collaborative workspace where all members of the community can participate.
3) Flexibility: we welcome all levels of participation, from sharing information to reviewing and reading materials.
4) Action: we will create four thought-provoking publications that will inspire action and change.

“Leadership and Race” and “Leadership in a Networked Society” will be the first two publications. The goal is to produce the pieces by December of this year, so we are inviting you to get involved with the project today. To participate, please visit the collaborative workspace to start sharing information and discussing key questions. For more information on the project, please read the Leadership For A New Era Thought Piece and contact us. We look forward to working with you to provide new direction to leadership development work focused on social change.