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Reflections on using Social Network Analysis with an Emergent Leadership Network

Map of AoLC Survey Results

One of this year's Community Seed Fund projects was a collaboration between the Berkana Exchange and Connective Associates to test the value of using social network analysis to illuminate and build capacity of the learning centers that the Berkana Exchange convenes through the Art of Learning Centering.  The Berkana Exchange believes that be naming, illuminating, and connecting learning centers they can unleash the capacity for self-organizing and collective leadership among those who participate in the learning centers. 

Connective Associates hsa developed social network analysis tools that can be used to build the capacity of, and evaluate, the capacity of leadership networks.  In collaboration with LLC, Connective Associates has written a paper, Using Social Network Analysis to Evaluate Leadership Programs, forthcoming in Leadership Quarterly. 

In funding this project, LLC was interested in understanding the potential value of social network analysis tools for a global leadership network that is committed to unleashing self-organizing.  The key learnings from this project will be summarized in future blogposts.  Attached to this blog post is a summary of learning from  the Berkana Exchange. This account talks candidly about the challenges and learning from this project, and provides useful advice to others who may be considering how they can best use social network analysis tools to build and evaluate network capacity.


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