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Weekly News Brief: Social Media & Innovation, Leadership & Diversity, Gender Equality, Evaluation, Collective Intelligence

  • “Applying a Social Media Rule to Innovation”
    • Author: Jeffrey Phillips
    • Date: June 24, 2010
    • Source: Blogging Innovation
    • URL:
    • Social Media & Innovation: Jeffrey Phillips identifies two types of communities in the world of social media – “broad and topical”, like Twitter, and “deep and narrow,” like forums. In the sites focused on topical interaction, thousands of participants exchange information that is neither very informative nor very deep, whereas smaller groups of people in a more narrowly-focused discussion generally provide very deep or information-rich resources. This polarization in social media, according to Phillips, aligns very well with all aspects of innovation, but with idea generation in particular. A small, diverse team of several people who are all well-prepared will produce the most radical innovation. As more participants are added, the ideas generated become more incremental rather than disruptive.


  • "Microsoft and the Innovators Paradox”
    • Author: Scott Anthony
    • Date: June 24, 2010
    • Source: Harvard Business Review (blog)
    • URL:
    • Innovation: Microsoft’s core business continues to grow, but the PC’s dominance is being eroded by tablets and mobile devices, and Windows and Office are under threat from Google. Five, ten years ago, when these technologies were in their infancies, Microsoft was in an excellent position to invest. So why didn’t it? The answer, according to Scott Anthony is what he calls the “Innovator’s Paradox.” In a nutshell, the period during which companies