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•     " Diversity vs. Philanthropic Freedom"  
        Author:  Bradford Smith                                                                      
        Date:  June 25, 2010
        Source:  Philantopic
Currently there is an increasingly polarized debate over philanthropic freedom vs. diversity – something the president of the Foundation Center and author of this piece, Bradford Smith, considers to be a false mutual exclusivity. He begins by countering that philanthropy is inherently free, due to its private and voluntary nature.  Unlike public funds, which involve bureaucracy related to accountability and oversight, philanthropic funds are far more flexible.  This flexibility, this “philanthropic freedom” is best defended by increased transparency (and presumably not by opposing diversity).

Diversity is a big part of everyday life in this country, as can be verified by a trip to any shopping center or by simple channel surfing.  Many foundations,especially those working with disadvantaged communities, already view diversity “as an asset if not a precondition for their work.”  As the nation – the world for that matter - becomes increasingly diverse, the ranks of organizations placing a high value on diversity will grow. 

•      "Top Five Online Tools for Listening on the Social Web"
        Author:  Allyson Kapin
        Date:  July 5, 2010
        Source: Frogloop
In this article, Allyson Kapin acknowledges the fear that senior leadership in the nonprofit sector may have when moving to “a 2.0 world” in terms of losing control of their organization’s communication with the outside world.  Nonprofits must face these fears and become leaders in their area of focus not just offline but in the online space as well.  To wage successful campaigns online, organizations must begin by first listening to what is being said online about them, their competition and their field in general.   Kapin shares five valuable online tools for online listening and analytics.  

•    “Benefit From Your Greatest Assets"
        Author:  George Dennis &nbs