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Member Spotlight on Kathy Reich



It is with our sincere appreciation for her commitment and support that we are very pleased to announce Kathy Reich of the David and Lucile Packard Foundation in May’s Member Spotlight. Kathy brings with her a deep commitment to learning and sharing. She was the first supporter of the Leadership for A New Era collaborative research initiative and generated support for this work from other funders with a matching grant that levearaged her first investment.  This support was critical to the production of the first report in the serieis on Leadership and Race.  With a deep commitment to advancing network thinking and strategies Kathy was also strongly on board to lend both financial support and plenty of practical guidance to the Leadership and Networks publication. We are very fortunate to have Kathy as one of the collaborative writing partners on Leadership and Networks piece which is scheduled to be published sometime this summer. Her suggestions and recommendations have enriched the piece. About the Leadership and Networks piece, Kathy said, “. . . LLC is actually doing ‘action research‘ just by being structured in the way we are and doing the project in the way we are.”


Inspired by Beth Kanter’s book, The Networked Nonprofit, and with the work on the Leadership and Networks piece, LLC invited network thought leaders and innovative practitioners to its most recent face-to-face board meeting for a special two-hour consultative session on opening board governance. Kathy Reich was an integral part of the conversation, exploring the question of what we would look like as a more networked organization (both board and organization). She cautioned us to, “. . . resist temptation to remain closed and open ourselves up . . .” The wisdom in her remarks was evident in the value of this session itself. In a recent interview, when asked to share her thoughts about LLC’s impact on the field/sector, she responded:

“I find that LLC is a really powerful vehicle for learning. And I find that the contributions that you’re making, in particular with the Leadership for a New Era project, are really helping to shift the field’s thinking away from traditional and hierarchical models of leadership to more inclusive 21st Century models of leadership. I think that is going to have long term and tangible benefits throughout the nonprofit sector. And when I think about who is researching this work, and who is talking about it, and who is bringing it to light, and who is really legitimizing it through high quality research, it is LLC.”

We deeply value and appreciate the thoughtfulness, openness and spirit of learning and sharing Kathy brings to the work.


Kathy is currently chairing the steering committee for an upcoming convening for grantmakers, co-hosted by Grantmakers for Effective Organizations and the Monitor Institute, to advance a field-wide conversation about how funders and social change leaders can increase their impact by effective support of networks and embracing more open and collaborative approaches to grantmaking.  Leadership in networks will be a big topic at the convening, and they hope to draw upon the research that LLC is currently conducting in this area as part of its Leadership for a New Era work. The gathering will be held October 17-18 in San Francisco. For more information, check out A full agenda will be available in June.