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LLC Webinar Series: A Case Study in Popular Education and Scaling Leadership Impact

Submitted by: bcelnik on Jun 17th, 2011 at 12PM PDT


Ruby Lee, Program Director, Northwest Area Foundation

Deborah Meehan, Executive Director, Leadership Learning Community

Patrick L. Scully, Everyday Democracy, Senior Associate

Lynette Flage, North Dakota State University Extension Service


Topic:  A Case Study in Popular Education and More

Date:   Tuesday, June 28th, 11:00-12Noon PDT (2:00-3:00PM EDT)

The Horizons Program offers a compelling story for all in the field of leadership who care deeply about how to connect and mobilize leadership at the scale needed to address complex social problems. In 2003, the Northwest Area Foundation launched the Horizon’s program, an ambitious leadership program to help rural communities deal with issues of poverty. According to external documentation, this program engaged over 100,000 people from 238 rural communities across seven states in a multifaceted leadership process. Participating communities launched 1,811 action plans to address the impact of poverty in the life of their community, e.g. youth development, jobs, economic development, and adult education.  Participants in this webinar describe the basics of the program, highlight successes, discuss challenges and perhaps, expand our thinking about community leadership.



Leadership Learning Community Webinar Series: A Case Study on Popular Education from Leadership Learning Community on Vimeo.