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2012 Webinar: Action Learning - Maximizing Its Use in Community-Based Leadership Development Programs

Presenter:  Donna R. Dinkin, DrPH, MPH

Date:  Monday, April 23rd 11:00AM-12:00 Noon PDT (2:00P-3:00PM EDT)

This webinar is for individuals who are interested in maximizing the use of action learning as a component of a formal leadership development program. Specifically, the session will define ‘action-learning’, will highlight how this methodology is being used in public health leadership development programs and will briefly describe strategies and challenges for coaches of community-based action-learning teams.


  1. To increase understanding of how regional PHLIs have utilized Action-Learning Projects as a developmental methodology.
  2. To increase understanding of strategies and challenges to providing Action Learning Coaching to project teams
  3. To provide an opportunity for discussion of personal experiences related action learning and action-learning coaching.



Suggested donation of $20 for the webinar




Recorded Presentation

Action Learning - Maximizing its Use in Community-Based Leadership Development Programs from Leadership Learning Community on Vimeo.