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Designing an evaluation for a community health leadership initiative

The Leadership Learning Community Health Leadership Circle and the Center for Creative Leadership, hosted a peer consultation session using an on-line conference tool, WebEx. During the hour and half call, over 30 people provided insights, inquiries and tested advice to a team from the Center Creative Leadership who are partnering with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to develop "Ladder to Leadership: Developing the Next Generation of Community Health Leaders."

After reviewing the theory of change for the leadership initiative, the CCL team posed an evaluation challenge to the group: How do we best track contextual factors to understand what is facilitating and impeding program impact? What have you been doing in your communities to address this challenge? What are some of the most important factors to track?.

Using the Webex chat function, those on the call provided written input. The comments of participants brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to the process of designing an evaluation for this initiative. We clustered responses from participants around the following themes:

  • Engaging stakeholders in program design and evaluation
  • Paying attention to the unique and local
  • Identifying and clarifying theory of change and levels of impact
  • Designing the program
  • Monitoring changes and impacts
  • Evaluating how context influences outcomes
  • Evaluating the quality of relationships
  • Leveraging existing resources
  • Evaluation challenges

A compilation of comments from the peer consultation session may be found below this post.

We encourage others who might find value in getting input from their colleagues to contact Claire Reinelt or Deborah Meehan about hosting a web-based consultation session. We learned in a real-time on-line poll that 83% would participate in another web-based call if the topic was of interest to them.

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