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Three LLC Circles Share Learning About Sustainable Leadership Networks

Three LLC circles (Sustaining Networks/Alumni, Social Media and Leadership, and Health Leadership) convened for a conference call and web-based meeting using the WebEx platform to discuss creating and sustaining leadership networks. Twenty people explored the following questions:

  • What forms of collaboration and network creation are we seeing in the leadership development arena?
  • What tools or processes do we find strengthen leadership networks?
  • What are the biggest challenges to sustaining network participation?

Odin Zackman, Elissa Perry and Claire Reinelt shared lessons learned about forming, sustaining, and evaluating leadership networks. Tools for building on-line communities were discussed, along with the benefits of social network analysis.

See the links below download a handout of the PowerPoint presentation (in PDF format) and the synthesis of community contributions to the questions posed above.

You may also download a recording of the online session (You will also need to download the webex player to play this file on your computer.) A big thanks to the Center for Creative Leadership for their support in hosting the WebEx call.

Please share what is working in your experience to build and strengthen leadership networks. If you have resources that are useful, please contact Elissa Perry or post them yourselves by creating your own blogpost on this site.

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