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Leading Edge Promising Practices in Leadership Development

A growing emphasis is being placed on how to support a critical mass of leaders who mobilize their resources to catalyze large-scale sustainable change. With support of the Packard Foundation, and in the context of their Population Leadership Initiative, LLC staff identified and shared promising practices for collective and individual leadership development based on what we have learned through our work during the past 10 years.

One of our initial goals was to have this scan become a Wiki so that Packard leadership grantees could add experiences, innovations, resources, and evaluation findings to make each section richer. We also hoped they would add other strategies they have found promising. While the Wiki project never got off the ground, we believe the strategies discussed below and the resources provided are valuable for the leadership development field.

We plan, as part of our Leadership for a New Era Learning Initiative, to create an interactive platform so that community members can share resources and experiences, and work together to synthesize shared knowledge and wisdom about what we are learning about how to enhance and support more inclusive leadership in the context of collective work, networks, communities and social movements.

We hope you will join us in this effort.

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thanks for sharing these's really interesting..

great resource!

the "leading edge practices in LD" doc contains a wealth of resources!! thanks for providing my bedside reading for weeks to come! Janice M. Epstein


Exciting, Claire! Looking forward to seeing how this work evolves.