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Developing Leadership Across Boundaries: Learning from a Foundation-Grantee Learning Community Partnership

Over the past three years the Leadership Learning Community partnered with The California Endowment, and eight grantee organizations to form a learning community on boundary-crossing leadership. The purpose of the initial learning community was to: (1) explore what boundary-crossing leadership is and how it is supported and developed in different contexts; (2) build the capacity of learning community partners to define their desired results and evaluate outcomes (both the grantees and the foundation); (3) form a trusted learning community where partners can learn and share with one another in ways that improve their collective impact; and (4) gather data from participants in partner programs about the impact of participating in the program, and identify what works to cultivate boundary-crossing leadership.

We have attached a summary of the learning community's early work on identifying boundary-crossing leadership competencies and the challenges faced in building movement towards healthy community outcomes. We also summarize how participants were influenced by their program experience and what has worked to successfully cultivate boundary-crossing leadership.

A second phase of this project focused on how programs are using action learning projects as a strategy to cultivate boundary-crossing leadership, and what some of the opportunities and challenges are. For those who have used or are thinking about using action learning projects in working with immigrant and underserved communities and groups, such as seniors and youth, this report has some lessons learned about implementing action learning projects and how to successfully use these projects to facilitate and cultivate boundary-crossing leadership in communities.

In the coming months a more extensive lessons learned report is being written about The California Endowment's Boundary-Crossing Leadership Initiative. This learning will be particularly useful to other foundations that are interested in supporting and working with grantees that serve diverse and underserved communities, and who seek to build healthy communities.

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