Generating ideas, connections, and action

Learning Lab on Learning Communities (April 23-24, 2009)

LLC hosted a learning lab on learning communities with learning circle partners and others who facilitate learning communities. I had two experiences that enabled me to go deeper with my understanding about how to open up transformative learning and how to manifest the kind of change we desire in the world in our learning community process. A group of eight people used Emergent Learning Mapping to explore the question, "How do we create conditions that open up transformative learning?" We told our own stories of transformative learning and identified insights from our own experiences that we shared with each other. We then came up with hypotheses that we could test in future opportunities we have to facilitate a learning community experience. The learning from the session is captured here.

The next day I was part of a small group (again eight people) that explored the theme: learning communities and social change work. We used an emergent process that we allowed to unfold rather than structure towards some outcome. This opened up a different level of learning about how we show up in the circle and what we manifest in our process. The group generated a number of valuable insights and questions that we have shared on a Wiki page. What experiences of transformative learning have you had? How were you present when transformative learning occurred? How did you experience transformative learning? How did you facilitate transformative learning? What were some effects of transformative learning?