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Framework for Leadership Investment and Evaluation

In a recent consulting opportunity with the United Way of Greater Toronto, I worked with Amanuel Melles, the Director of Organizational Capacity Building to develop a Framework for Leadership Investment and Evaluation. This framework, adapted from a GEO leadership framework, is designed to help funders clarify the purpose for their investments in leadership and to link those purposes to specific programs, and sample activities (The GEO framework is available in Investing in Leadership, vol. 1). Amanuel thought this framework could be useful for assisting the United Way and other leadership funders in Canada to become more intentional about where they are currently investing resources, where there are gaps in investment, and how they might work together to maximize the impact of their resources.

We adapted the framework in several ways. First, we included investments in field-level leadership and in developing systems capacity. Second, for each purpose we identified promising practices for leadership development and desired outcomes. Third, we produced a guide to assist funders (and leadership practitioners and evaluators) to use the framework as an assessment tool (download guide below). These adaptations made it easier for funders to make the link between their purpose, their methods, and their outcomes. <