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Member Spotlight on Rebecca Aced-Molina

Rebecca Aced-Molina has been a trusted evaluation consulting partner with LLC since 2006.  She was an early proponent of the EvaluLEAD evaluation framework, and helped to pioneer its implementation through her work at the Public Health Institute.  Rebecca worked with us on a TCE supported project to build the capacity of eight boundary-crossing leadership programs to develop results maps to guide their evaluation work.  She also partnered with us on a portfolio assessment for the Global Fund for Women to understand the impact of their funding on reproductive health and reproductive rights work around the world.  Rebecca has a keen mind, a warm spirit, and abiding commitment to social justice and social change.


In January 2012, Rebecca was certified by Leadership that Works, a coach training institution accredited by the International Coaching Federation.  She participated in a special program that targeted leaders in the non-profit sector committed to social justice and people of color to explore the intersection of social justice theories of change and coaching principles.  She has now begun coaching emerging leaders dedicated to social change.  Rebecca describes her coaching work as follows:

Coaching provides me with a unique set of tools and personal awareness that supports leaders to be the most powerful, creative, compassionate and courageous leaders possible.  Coaching is also applicable to groups and offers new approaches for visioning, nurturing collaboration, accessing creative solutions, inviting fuller participation movement building, and a sense of hope.   

Coaching at its core, goes beyond a personal guide assisting with the application of new knowledge, (as coaches are often described), but guides us to confront even bigger challenges such as our own inner critics, limiting beliefs, and fears, and invites us to step into the source of our power, values, and full expression of our true selves.   For social justice advocates this translates to an even more meaningful contribution to positive social change.

Rebecca has been a member of the Leadership Learning Community for the past seven years.

Being part of the Leadership Learning Community has been influential to my career, fostering a drive for innovation, for tackling racial injustices, and continually seeking new ways to achieve greater equity through creative leadership.  I hope to continue to participate in the learning circles, read articles, and partner with members as my work grows into this next stage.  

Rebecca recently started her own company, The Next Stage Coaching and Consulting. Please visit Rebecca’s brand new website  and check out her blog Transitions.