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Promoting Equity and Eliminating Disparities in Healthcare: Findings from the Disparities Leadership Program Evaluation

We invite you to join LLC for an upcoming webinar to discuss the leadership development approach and evaluation of the Disparities Leadership Program (DLP). DLP is designed to equip a cadre of leaders in healthcare with:

  • in-depth knowledge of the field of disparities,

  • cutting-edge quality improvement strategies for identifying and addressing disparities, and

  • the leadership skills to implement these strategies and facilitate organizational transformation towards greater equity.


The DLP is a one year executive leadership program that begins with a formal skills curriculum delivered during a two-day face-to-face intensive training session.  Teams from hospitals, community health centers, and health plans apply to the program. They bring with them a well-thought out plan or proposal for advancing disparities work in their organization, and the support of senior leadership from their organizations to participate in the DLP program.


The Leadership Learning Community had the opportunity to lead an external evaluation of the DLP program, conducting a retrospective assessment of the DLP and its impact on teams, their projects, their organizations, and their networks. We have evaluated a lot of leadership programs that use projects as a core program element, and found DLP to be a model about how to use this strategy successfully. The successful implementation of a project strategy highlights for us the value of viewing leadership development as a process that is best supported when leaders are able to develop leadership in context and in place, getting the supports they need to make significant and lasting organizational change.. We were impressed by the power of convening and training teams to implement organizational change projects, and the support that DLP peers and faculty provided to each other as they navigated leading change in their organizations. Change is an ongoing process that benefits tremendously from strong networks. The evaluation featured a series of case studies that documented leadership journeys, the role of the DLP project, and the change process for different types of healthcare organizations.


You can learn more about this fascinating program and the evaluation findings by joining us on Tuesday, July 23rd at 12:30 EST (9:30 PST) for a webinar entitled Promoting Equity in Healthcare: Evaluating the Impact of the Disparities Leadesrhip Program. An executive summary of evaluation findings may be found on the Disparities Solution Center website. You can register here for the webinar.