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Lessons from Leadership in Place Based Initiatives


A number of great arguments have been made for the value of leadership approaches that are place based. PolicyLink has written prolifically about the ways in which where you live influences your health, life experiences and opportunities…the schools you attend, your access to fresh produce, the availability of public transportation which of course for many, decides where you can work. We all live in communities that have a unique history of growth, change, relationships, economy, politics, and the hard to quantify things that we love about the place we call home. Leadership strategies that focus on place can build on this love and our rich connection to each other. Single issue approaches and fragmentation can come to define people or a population by problems. Focusing on connecting people where they live to take action on the things they care about is a more wholistic approach to people, leadership and change.

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The Leadership Learning Community was hired by The California Endowment (TCE) to learn about 10 different approaches to supporting leadership in place based initiatives. We would like to thank TCE for sharing this report with the field. We invite you to read and share your thoughts on this report which takes on several questions: who should be the focus of leadership supports, what competencies help leadership in place based initiatives to achieve results, and what leadership strategies can move diverse groups to take collaborative action? The report includes several case studies on network approaches to leadership, a popular education approach and a multi-stakeholder approach that will expand how you think about leadership and what can be accomplished.  There are many leadership programs and strategies that are incorporating the models and best practices highlighted in this report that have not been mentioned because of the California context for this report.  We look forward to hearing from you.







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