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Deep Secrets, Dark Places


Did that title pique your interest?  It got my attention when it was offered as a session during open space at the Leadership Learning Community’s first national meeting, Creating Space.  You may have heard the story of that session already, because it was one of those definitive moments in LLC history, one that helped to create an ethos of openness, the word that rose to the top when many of you responded to the question about our secret sauce.

So back to open space…there were lots of great topics, I was also drawn to “Leadership Work/Life Balance” but I was intrigued and could not resist, Deep Secrets, Dark Places.  The session was called by one of LLC’s early board members and a program officer at a foundation funding a leadership program.  The conversation was instantly provocative.  He talked about the dilemma of roles.   He described a familiar situation, “as the staff of leadership programs we often encourage participants to be incredibly vulnerable, sharing deeply personal parts of themselves while we maintain a professional boundary that creates awkwardness and separation.”  The conversation was deep, challenging and …then I had to leave for a check in with the facilitators.