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Social Connectedness as a Philosophy, Strategy and Result

Lessons About Leadership and Social Connectedness
from the Work of Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation of Minnesota

I was honored to join the BCBS MN board several years ago because I am a big fan of their social determinants of health and health equity work.  I was invited to help the board think about how to integrate leadership into their program work.  I hope that they have benefited even half as much as I have from this relationship. Their commitment to social connectedness as a critical strategy for improving health outcomes has taken my thinking about leadership in some new directions.


During the last BCBS board meeting I found myself thinking about how social connectedness is expressed in grantmaking decisions and as a way of doing business.  You will find social connectedness embedded in the Foundation’s leadership work, in their social equity grants and in their grantmaking engagement strategies, and I would like to explore how all of this is culti