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Creating Space XI 2014 | Design Challenge Catalysts

Heather McLeod Grant
Creating Space XI Contribution
The Design Challenge Session:  Heather will share a design opportunity presented to her when she was invited to help create the New Leadership Network for the James Irvine Foundation.  After participants have their hand at designing with the same parameters and expectations Heather will reveal the program design she and her colleagues created. From McLeod-Grant Advisors, Heather is a well-known author, speaker, and was most recently a Global Account Manager at Monitor Institute, where her work focused on scaling impact, leveraging networks for social change, and transforming large-scale nonprofits. 

Michael Mcafee 
Creating Space XI Contribution
Program Design Challenge: Michael will share a design opportunity he had to develop a leadership program for the Promise Neighborhoods Institute at PolicyLink.  After participants work in teams to make design recommendations in line with the desired results for the Promise Neighborhoods leadership program, Michael will share the elements of the program that he helped to design. As Senior Director at PolicyLink and Director of the Promise Neighborhoods Institute also at PolicyLink, Michael oversees the Institute’s strategic direction and implementation of strategies that mobilize neighborhood leaders to build communities of opportunity.




Creating Space XI 2014 | Tool Share Catalysts
During the tool shed Creating Space XI participants will share, test, refine and explore the use of tools and modules that can help to promote leadership that is more inclusive, networked and collective. Several members have already offered to share resources as catalyst for the Tool Share and you can too!

Manuel Manga
Creating Space XI Contribution
Systems Simulation:  Manuel uses a systems simulation to help leaders understand systems in order to be more effective in systems change work. Manuel Manga is a consultant for the Center for Evolutionary Leadership. He has many roles as an organizational consultant, facilitator, and leadership coach with international experience consulting to large and small organizations. His work focuses on leadership development, strategic conversations, team building, systems thinking, organizational learning, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability. 

Hugh Vasquez
Creating Space XI Contribution
Module All on the same boat. A metaphor for understanding how structures produce racialized outcomes and the role of leadership in transforming systems. Hugh Vasquez joined the National Equity Project as a Senior Associate in January 2010 with responsibility for developing and expanding the leadership for equity  work throughout the country. Hugh has worked with hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals to address issues of race, gender, class and other social divisions and create environments where youths and adults from all cultures are honored, valued, and respected.

Karya Lustig
Creating Space XI Contribution
Design Thinking and Systems Thinking: Karya applies design thinking to the emergent and responsive design of a leadership program that is agile and changing.  She will serve as a design thinking coach and if we don’t keep her too busy may lead us in a systems simulation. Karya Lustig, MA, ISS is the Deputy Director for the Center for Health Leadership and Practice (CHLP) at the Public Health Institute (PHI).  Karya is responsible for developing and implementing strategy, direction, and overall operations for CHLP, including its academies, learning and development activities and other programs. 



Ken Vance-Borland
Creating Space XI Contribution
Social Network Analysis: Interactive session looking at actual network maps from a leadership network, what does it tell you about the impact of the program and how can you use the maps to weave and strengthen the program’s alumni network? Ken is the Executive Director for The Conservation Planning Institute. He has been concerned with nature conservation for many years. Sustaining healthy ecosystems and human communities in the face of global change is a complex problem. He empowers communities to meet this challenge with network mapping tools to discover who has (and has not) been working together, and with network weaving processes for building unexpected new collaborations.  



Claire Reinelt
Creating Space XI Contribution  
Next Generation Leadership Evaluation: As leadership development in the nonprofit sector undergoes changes to become more inclusive, networked, and collective, how is leadership evaluation changing. If leadership is going to achieve results that are equitable, just, and sustainable, what do we need to be paying attention to? Do we need to change what we measure? What tools are available that give us new insights into leadership and collective impact, leadership and networks, leadership and community well-being? Claire is a long-time member of the Leadership Learning Community, and was the founder of LLC's Evaluation Learning Circle. She has years of experience evaluating leadership programs, mapping networks, and writing about leadership, networks, and evaluation. This session will frame the changes that are taking place in how leadership development is being conceptualized and evaluated; and share some promising strategies and tools for assessing networks and systems. Come share a network or systems leadership strategy or tool you have used, and together we can all learn!


Bidisha Banerjee

Creating Space XI Contribution

Designing a leadership program grounded in ethical awareness, integrity, and universal human values: Bidisha has been developing the Dalai Lama Fellows program to incorporate modules that develop self-mastery and the capacity to collaborate across systems and is currently prototpying a curriculum component on, “designing ethical systems”. Bidisha is the Dalai Lama Fellows Program Director.  She is a social entrepreneur, educator, and writer from Kolkata, India, and Lawrence, Kansas. Bidisha worked at Ashoka, with Indicorps as an environmental educator in rural India and at an off-grid integrated taro-and-tilapia farm in Hawai’i.




Creating Space XI Contribution 
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