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Publication Recommendation | “A Call for Action: Strengthening the Human Services Sector”

The Kresge Foundation recently convened a symposium to explore challenges in the social services sector, identify opportunities for human service leaders to partner and connect their learning and to provide recommendations to support transformation in the sector.  Their findings are relevant to those of us who are committed to the value of leadership development and are summarized in a report, “A Call for Action: Strengthening the Human Services Sector.

The report reminded me that the challenges can also be a source of positive disruption, driving greater (and needed) innovation and provided a couple of examples:

  • the need to rethink traditional non-profit models and approaches to funding and create new models of partnership
  • the need to maximize our value proposition by becoming better and monitoring our impact and adapting our approaches

As I read about the need for experimenting and imaging new ways of working, I found myself thinking about the importance of leadership. I was heartened that the first recommendation of the report was to invest in leadership to create a pipeline that can prepare those who will lead this transition with the adaptive leadership skills to respond to new current trends like new technologies and changing demographics and increased regulation.  I encourage you to it check out at The Kresge Foundation’s website