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Meet the Creating Space Design Team and Hear about Objectives for Creating Space

I am excited to introduce the Creating Space design team assembled by Patrick Brown our design team lead and facilitator. He has assembled a powerful team with depth in racial justice work, a passion for leadership development, a commitment to generative learning and spirit. I have an important job this year, to stay out of the way and make room for new approaches, ideas, and talent to craft an event that can shape and support leadership development practices that will unleash the potential of leadership development to contribute to greater racial equity.


RA Headshot Centered.jpgRenato Almanzor: Renato is the Executive Director of East Oakland Building Healthy Communities, a community health place-based initiative. LLC’s friendship with Renato developed when he was the Senior Director of Programs for LeaderSpring. Renato has shared his wisdom with the LLC network through several webinars focused on leadership and equity. He is also a certified coach. In all of his work, Renato brings a strong commitment to equity and a lot of heart and compassion that he will contribute to the Creating Space design.



 Patrick-Brown-thumbnail.jpgPatrick Brown: Patrick is the Leadership Academy Director for Greenlining Institute where he oversees all of their leadership development programming. Patrick is a key partner in this years’ Creating Space, and in shaping its theme, exploring equity practices in leadership development work. This is no surprise as he was part of an important trio that helped to launch a Bay Area Racial Equity Leadership Network. We are in great hands. Patrick has reunited the trio by bringing the Racial Equity Leadership Network partners, Claudia and Uma, into the fold.



 Claudia Paredes.jpgClaudia Paredes: Claudia is Director of the Fellows Program for Coro New York. To that role Claudia brought six years of experience as the Academy Director for Greenlining Institute. As part of the Bay Area Equity Network Building Initiative, Claudia has demonstrated a passion for not only bringing an equity lens to her own leadership development work, but for building networks of mutual support and learning among leadership development practitioners with a passion for equity. She is a perfect addition to a design team focused on building sustainable peer learning.


 MiriamP.jpgMiriam Persley: Miriam is part of the LLC leadership team. She is a veteran of three Creating Space convenings and the mastermind behind the design and implementation of the LLC Community Seed Fund supporting innovative approaches to developing the leadership of people of color that can be shared at Creating Space. Miriam carries forward insights about what has worked well and what we have learned, all the while encouraging experimentation with our form and deep attention to what it means to decenter whiteness and bring an equity lens to the Creating Space design.



Uma Viswanathan: Uma, as you may have guessed by now, also provided key inspiration to early efforts to rally those with a passion for equity and those doing leadership development to work more effectively at the intersection of leadership development and racial equity. LLC began partnering with Uma while she was at Urban Habitat running the Boards and Commissions Leadership Institute. Now as a program officer at the W. K. Kellogg Foundation in the racial equity and community engagement area, she supports cross racial movements with a focus on building collective power towards racial equity.



Creating Space Objectives:


The Creating Space Design Team has been hard at work crafting and fine tuning objectives that will shape the design of this years gathering. We look forward to sharing more information about the design over the next month as we open registration and share information about how we will accomplish these objectives.


  • Leadership development practitioners build relationships, share and generate insights, and set intentions to develop leadership practices and pathways that advance racial equity and challenge systemic and institutional racism.

  • Racial equity organizations build relationships, share and generate insights, and set intentions to strengthen leaders and leadership arising out of communities, staff, and volunteers.

  • Leadership development and racial equity organizations interchange and generate models and resources that they can use to strengthen leadership for racial equity.

  • Participants seek, engage, and honor leaders and leadership arising out of communities marginalized by racism.