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A Shout Out to the WISE Women’s Network

It seemed appropriate during Women’s History Month to lift up the work of a very innovative leadership development strategy. They are new so the ‘history’ is a stretch but I do think they will make history. WISE Network is part of the Black Women’s Wealth Alliance (BWWA), an organization focused on helping Black women generate wealth.


BWWA’s work is rooted in Black culture as a core resource and educational tool that facilitates cooperative economics through wealth literacy, homeownership, and cooperative business education. They believe that increasing Black women’s engagement with wealth may result in a shift outside of poverty since in many Black households, Black women are primary financial decision makers. That’s why BWWA equips women with the leadership skills and tools necessary to create generational prosperity.

I love the Black Women’s Wealth Alliance’s approach and work because while most programs deal with the problems of inequity that are created by income disparities and structural racism, these folks support people as they go right to the root of these problems. Empowerment is not just a mindset, it is learning by doing as people take action to challenge concrete inequities and create a different future. BWWA offers an invitation to Black women interested in issues of wealth creation and have attracted close to 500 women this last year who are engaged in literacy classes, preparing for and buying homes and registering new businesses. So far, it is being supported in 2018 by the grit and volunteer energy of visionary women who saw the need for increased financial literacy in the community and stepped up, much the way many great community-driven solutions that challenge the status quo have to operate.


This is leadership development at its best. BWWA was a recipient of one of the LLC Innovation Seed Fund Grants for $8,000 selected by all of you for their innovative approach to developing the leadership of people of color. Great work. If you missed their very fun and inspiring video, it’s not too late. You can access the video here.