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What would it look like to bring a Racial Equity Lens to Leadership Development?

What would it look like to bring a Racial Equity Lens to Leadership Development?

You can help us to answer this question!


A couple weeks ago, I was talking to a funder who asked me about tools and resources that would be useful to grantmakers and people designing leadership programs; people who want to ensure that programs contributing to racial equity are supported. I shared some of the resources that I knew of, and then it occurred to me….there are tons of smart people doing great work at the intersection of leadership and racial equity.

What if we could open source this conversation and bring some of that thinking together to create a Leadership Development Racial Equity Guide for funders and leadership development providers? So here is the experiment, and we will see how it goes.


I have created a google document outline of the different elements that I believe need to be considered in order to bring a racial equity lens to leadership development work. I have populated it with some of what LLC has been learning.


This is a public document that anyone with this link can contribute to. All are welcome. As a general overview for collaborative editing, you can add and make comments about  ideas that you don’t agree with, or offer better ways of expressing recommendations. This is how we will grow our best thinking together.


You may access the document here, and below are the next steps in this process


  1. Share this with other people that you know have a lot to contribute to this thinking.


  1. Start by considering the structure of the document

    1. Do you think the document should be structured differently? Are there important elements that are missing?


  1. As you read the different elements of the structure, add your thoughts to the recommendations and/or make comments about changes that you think are needed.


  1. Add resources to the resource section of the document at the end.


  1. By the next newsletter, we will synthesize feedback and share a cleaner document. We will archive all of the recommendations made and prioritize the top ideas that we collectively believe to be necessary for funders in regards to supporting racially inclusive leadership development programming


  1. We will share the guide and resources generated for use and adaptation by people who care about leadership as a lever for catalyzing racial justice.

Remember, this is an experiment. We are counting on our network to help. We will share what we learn from this process, and we welcome any feedback about how to make this a more accessible and successful collective endeavor.