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What if every Leadership Program equipped participants to identify, talk about, and Intervene to address White Privilege?

I have had this fantasy since I learned about the Transforming White Privilege curriculum. I am a huge fan of the work of Shakti Butler, Sally Leiderman and Maggie Potapchuk who developed the film based curriculum that brings an explicit focus on white privilege to racial equity trainings. I am excited that we will have designers of the curriculum themselves offering an intensive “Train the trainers” program in the Bay Area.

If you are involved in leadership development and or racial equity training this is an opportunity to learn how to deliver, adapt and incorporate this curriculum into your work. The training costs are being augmented with funding so it’s an unbelievable deal and resource for leadership development providers. I plan to attend and hope to see others engaged in supporting leadership also participate. We might even be able to form a Cop, Community of Practice after the training.

Please read more and register while there are still slots available.