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Update on the Co-Directorship

We have received applications from a number of exciting candidates. We have interviewed people who are still of interest to us, and are keeping the position open a bit longer to meet additional candidates.  We are learning as we go, and have a great team of folks from the LLC board and network who are actively engaging alongside us in this learning. Here are some of our early lessons:


We are a relationale network and that goes for recruitment too:  I was in a hurry to recruit a co-director because we were holding off on hiring a FT Operations and Program Manager after Miriam left so that the new person could be involved. We also were holding off on board recruitment for the same reason. This was creating a sense of urgency about an important decision for LLC.  We need to create time to get to know potential candidates, and for them to get to know us. This will require more than two interviews. Getting to know more candidates is an important process for understanding what will contribute most to the future we hope to see. So, we are slowing it down so that we can engage with more people, and talk more with interested candidates.

Paying attention to equity: There are a number of ways we are seeing opportunities to bring an equity lens to our process. We noticed that there was a trend among exciting candidates who had a strong equity history and practice, and aligned leadership values. They often were not as strong in some of the managerial areas, e.g. fund development, financial management, board development, hiring/supervision. We are looking at this as a lack of opportunity (not ability) in leadership spaces and organizations where white people have been overrepresented in management positions where these skills are acquired. As we learn, we are looking into creating an equity fund that would provide intensive training in management areas for candidates who have not had experiential learning opportunities.


Emergent Learning:  Our learning has been enriched by tapping members of the network and board. In addition, we have tapped best practices (shout out to Connor Daley from Citizen Talent for lending his time) and we recognize that we are charting some new territory. We are building reflection into our process to grow it as we go, and this also takes time. We are committed to this model and sharing what we learn with you, so stay tuned.