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Continuing the Co-Director Search: Additional Updates

We have been thinking long and hard about how to conduct the search for a Co-Director in a way that is equity driven, networked and collective i.e. aligned with all of our values. After all, there are some unavoidable power dynamics in the interview process that we can’t eliminate, but we do want to address and be transparent about them. We hope to get better at this, and for now, this is our best thinking about the process. So a huge shout out to all of the candidates who are being very patient with our process, which we hope reflects relationality, transparency and equity.

  • Virtual Coffees: We love the idea of finding people who are, and have been, part of the LLC network to help lead the network. People who are coming to us through the network are being invited to an informal virtual coffee (not an interview) to learn about the position and LLC’s vision.


  • Candidate Review by the Network Members: We are recruiting a team of about a dozen folks who will review the resumes/cover letters in order to score them on a grid that will also include a recommendation of “yes/maybe/no” with regards to moving the candidate to an interview. Each candidate will be reviewed by at least 3 people, and if there is a tie about whether to move to the next stage of the process, they will be reviewed by a fourth. We believe that people in the network may have insights about what they believe is needed in the leadership of LLC that will enrich our process, and engage a greater diversity of perspectives in the process. It is also a way to begin increasing access to decision making about governance. Of course, we could not crowdsource this because we want to respect the confidentiality of candidates.


  • Interviews: Yes, this is the part that always feels a little intimidating. We will be sharing the questions in advance (and candidates are welcome to share their questions to us). Our desire is not to put people on the spot, but to create optimal conditions for all of us to partner in assessing the fit with the position.


  • Collaborative Work: Final candidates will be given an opportunity to design a virtual session aligned with LLC objectives. We can provide ideas, and are open to ideas from candidates who can engage their friends. We don’t expect our candidates to invest their time without compensation. We will provide a stipend to candidates invited to do this work as a opportunity for us to learn how we work together.


If you tried to apply and received a link saying that application was closed, apologies. We will be accepting applications for at least the next two weeks. You can read more on the co-director description, and also apply here.


The lessons keep coming, so stay tuned and if you have suggestions, we are all ears!