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News Update: Leadership and Networks!

News Brief 03/31/11

This week's newbrief focuses on giving some examples of organizations, programs, and articles that demonstrate the power of leadership and networks.

  • Spark is an organization that seeks to build a community of young, global citizens who are invested in changing patterns of inequality that impact women throughout the world. Its strategy, which focuses on community building, education, advocacy, and grant-making, is to identify and fundraise for outstanding women's organizations around the world. It is now striving to create a global network of philanthropists dedicated to supporting women who are inciting change in their communities.
  • Lawrence Community Networks, based in Lawrence, Massachusettes, is a nonprofit organization working to revitalize the physical, social, and economic landscape of Lawrence. The organization is successful because of its networking strategy; it works to "advance the thinking and the practice of network organizing - a form of network-centric-placed community organizing and community building - both within the LCW network and in the larger world." Some specific functions LCW serves are to hold program-related trainings, to skill building trainings, and to develop and document practice-driven learning.
  • The Barr Foundation, a Boston based organization dedicated to forging relationships and creating change among nonprofit leaders, provides a fellowship for 12 leaders each year. The Fellowship - which is designed to foster collective learning through shared experiences and an expansive network - helps Fellows develop lasting relationships, which t