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2012 Webinar: Leadership and Web 2.0 | Monday, August 6, 2012

Presenter: Dr. Grady McGonagill, Ed. D

Topic: Leadership and Web 2.0

Date: August 6, 2012, 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.


In this webinar Dr. Grady McGonagill, LLC board member and principal of McGonagill Consulting, presents key findings from his new book—Leadership and Web 2.0: The Leadership Implications of the Evolving Web—which he has co-authored with Tina Doerffer from the Bertelsmann Foundation in Germany. The Webinar will offer an overview of the leadership constraints and opportunities being generated through innovations in Internet-based technology. 
Grady’s work is based on a uniquely comprehensive study, which describes over 300 pioneering examples of Web use in the private, public, and nonprofit sector in the United States and Europe. The patterns suggest that a new leadership paradigm is emerging, “with an inexorable shift away from one-way, hierarchical, organization-centric communication toward two-way, network centric, participatory, and collaborative leadership styles.” The aim of the book—and the webinar—is  to enable leaders from all sectors to anticipate these and other changes and proactively take advantage of opportunities that are emerging.

The book is available in the U.S. August 2012. For more information and to order a paperback copy of the book visit the U.S.




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Grady McGonagill answers webinar attendee questions in the blog posting: 2012 Webinar: Leadership and Web 2.0 | Follow-Up Q&A with Grady McGonagill 

Grady McGonagill shares studies of potential interest that are publicly available but not necessarily easy to track down (See Attached Files):

  • Regarding leadership development, which several of you expressed interest in, I'm attaching an earlier study that I did on "Leadership Development Best Practices," which has a chapter on how the Web is being used for leadership development.
  • Regarding leadership itself, I recently came across a good (and short) whitepaper from the Center for Creative Leadership on "The Future of Leadership."  (I should disclose that it cites several times, in sidebars, my  "Leadership and Web 2.0" study, so I'm not without bias!)
  • One of the most helpful studies I came across in understanding the impact of the Web on organizations in the non-profit world is by Bernholz, Skloot and Varela. Disrupting Philanthropy: Technology and the Future of the Social Sector. Durham, N.C.: Center for Strategic Philanthropy and Civil Society, Sanford School of Public Policy, Duke University, 2010.


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