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Nonprofit Leadership News Brief: September 2012


On Networks and Resilience...

In Curtis Ogden’s article Dimensions of Network Success, he revisits IISC’s framework for assessing the determinants and definitions of success and draws parallels with Plastrik and Taylor’s  matrix on Differing Characteristics of the Three Networks from their 2006 publication NET GAINS: A Handbook for Network Builders Seeking Social Change. Valdis Krebs writes on Infrastructure Resilience in his article reflecting on lessons from the book, Resilience: Why Things Bounce Back. Krebs poses that using Social Network Analysis to identify and create alternative paths in a network is key for network resilience.


On Evaluation...

The podcast Making Change recently featured Hildy Gottlieb’s interview with Michael Quinn Patton, an author of five books on program evaluation. In the podcast, Patton discusses evaluating programs in times of rapid change. Ellen Remmer of The Philanthropic Initiative Inc., writes on the recent proliferation of the concept of social capital, following several examples of foundations, including Barr Foundation with the eight-year-old Barr Fellows Network, that have put forth effort in this area.


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On Social Media Networks…

Zack Langway of the Center for Community Change writes on online community organization, explaining that the use of social media transcends geography-based community organizing and helps to bolster the success of social justice campaigns in measureable ways. Also appearing on Beth’s Blog is an article on LinkedIn’s newly announced resource, Board Connect, which is designed to help nonprofits recruit board members using a networked approach. Deborah Frieze writes on the use of Tweet Chats in engaging Walk Out Walk On community members in virtual conversation. Finally, Fast Company’s series: The Social Media Roadmap includes a piece on the 11 rules for social media in the social era, which echo the tenets of the new leadership paradigm.


Top Articles:


Title: Dimensions of Network Success

Author: Curtis Ogden

Date: September 19, 2012


Title: Infrastructure Resilience

Author: Valdis Krebs

Date: September 11, 2012


Title: Leadership Matters: A Veteran Evaluator's Social-Change Lessons

Author: Hildy Gottlieb

Date: September 13, 2012


Title: Remember Social Capital?

Author: Ellen Remmer

Date: July 17, 2012


Title: Community Organizing and Social Justice Measurement in the Connected Age

Author: Zack Langway

Date: September 20, 2012



Title: Using A Networked Approach To Build Nonprofit Boards: LinkedIn Board Connect Launches

Author: Beth Kanter

Date: September 17, 2012



Title: More Evidence That We Walk Outs Need Each Other

Author: Deborah Frieze

Date: August 23, 2012


Title: The Social Era Is More Than Social Media

Author: Nilofer Merchan

Date: September 24, 2012