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Creating Space VIII Reflections: Synthesizing and Going Deeper

Creating Space VIII - 2007

As the Leadership Learning Community staff and the Creating Space VIII design team reflect on our experiences, observations, and our still emerging learning, a few themes keep showing themselves. So far we have been organizing the synthesizing of the experience around four themes: roles, structures, context and strategies. That is, loosely worded:

  • The role of the individual in collective/shared/community-driven leadership (groundwork, individual preparation,)
  • The meaning of collective leadership within a hierarchical structure/power dynamics
  • Taking advantage of multiple spaces to support working and being together (physical place-based, virtual, etc.)
  • The structures and strategies that support working together (decision-making, accountability, role distinction for different phases or parts of work, etc.)

For more on Creating Space VIII, the photo galleries, and the resources shared, visit the post-gathering wiki!