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Handbook of Leadership Development Evaluation

The Handbook of Leadership Development Evaluation is now available! The Handbook provides broad and practical information about how to conduct leadership development evaluations using a variety of approaches. This companion site includes the book's introduction, a summary of each chapter, and links to resources that are mentioned in each chapter. The Handbook was edited by Kelly Hannum, Jennifer Martineau (both with The Center for Creative Leadership), and Claire Reinelt of LLC and brings together a collection of outstanding leadership development evaluators from the nonprofit and for-profit sectors to share their learning about leadership development evaluation design, implementation and use in different contexts.

Deborah Meehan and Claire Reinelt co-authored a chapter entitled Accelerating Learning about Leadership Development: A Learning Community Approach. This chapter tells the story of LLC's Evaluation Learning Circle, and reflects on some of the opportunities and challenges of creating and sustaining learning circles. Sally Leiderman with the Center for Assessment and Policy Development has co-authored a book Flipping the Script: White Privilege and Community Building. In the chapter, Doing Evaluation Differently, Sally suggests how evaluation "would need to be different if we were to reduce or eliminate its embedded racism, and use it as a tool to help eliminate white privilege in our community building work." The Research Center for Leadership in Action at NYU has completed a report on the Annie E. Casey Foundation's Leadership in Action Program (LAP). The documentation project sought answers to the following questions:

  • What did leaders do that contributed to children entering school ready to learn?
  • How sustainable are leadership capacity changes? Are skills and competencies learned in LAP used to address concerns in other arenas? If so, which skills, competencies, and other program elements proved useful?
  • How did LAP help or hinder leaders' abilities to "pick up" their leadership roles to get results?

Claire Reinelt, Kim Ammann Howard, Deborah Meehan, Pamela Putney and Cecilia Roddy conducted an evaluation of six programs funded by the Packard Foundation and the Gates Foundation to develop and support family planning and reproductive health leaders in developing countries. The final report, Leadership Matters: An Evaluation of Six Family Planning and Reproductive Health Leadership Programs