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Social Media Learning Circle

photo of Elissa taken by eekim

The Social Media and Leadership Learning Circle had an initial meeting on May 16, 2008 in the Bay Area. The conversation was broad and began to develop a common understanding of what we mean by social media. The gathering also created a foundation for going deeper on the questions of social media and it's relationship to social change and social justice leadership. Three avenues and approaches to learning became clear in the meeting. They are

  • A significant portion of the group would like to know more about the tools themselves - what the do, how to evaluate them, and what is appropriate for which organizational or movement objective (great information, resources and communities on this topic are available at,, and
  • People are interested in have case study sessions were we act as peer consultants to one another around specific situations or projects.
  • Another significant portion of the group is very interested in the deeper questions around the implications of social media and the emerging network-centric approaches to change for leadership and how it is developed, supported and exercised.

Brief notes that include some of the questions we will be pursuing are available here. What interests you about this subject?