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Get Ready For Creating Space 2019: Six Emerging Themes



LLC is excited to share with you our developing plans for Creating Space 2019. This year, rather than having one large national convening, we are instead planning three regional gatherings followed by a large national convening.We're currently planning to have convenings in the Bay Area, California, New York City, NY and Detroit, MI, September through November 2019. 


After joining LLC as Co-Director in March 2019, as part of my ongoing process, I began holding stakeholder conversations with members of the LLC network. One of the most common needs articulated was a desire for LLC to recommit to regional convenings. It was clear to me that people missed the intimacy and connection generated in smaller regional settings. Given the importance of place, it became obvious to LLC that regional convenings allowed those in the LLC network to center their work in context, in ways not reproduced in national gatherings.


So for 2019, we are hoping during the regional Creating Space events we'll dig into the theme of exploring how leadership development can support shifting power for justice. We imagine that each regional convening will approach the larger question differently, reflecting the unique conditions of each community.



Emerging Themes:

In June, we invited members of the LLC network to share their thoughts about Creating Space. (The survey is still open, please share your ideas here.) Some of the exploratory themes which emerged include:

  1. Equitable Compensation: Most of our organizations deal with either internal or external cultures of scarcity when it comes to resource generation. This makes equity challenging. Given the common orientation toward scarcity, how do we dedicate sufficient resources to equitably compensate folks on our staff, boards, consultants, etc.?

  2. Innovative Strategies: The challenges and oppressive structures we face are not static, therefore, our responses can’t be either. In addition, the conditions on the ground frequently change, consequently what worked in the past may not be effective in the present or future. How do we create innovative strategies to more effectively address changing and evolving challenges?  

  3. Intergenerational Movements: If we are to truly advance equity and justice, we will need to utilize the wisdom and capacities of our full communities. How can we break down generational boundaries so that our leadership efforts are inclusive of everyone in our communities?

  4. Healing and Harm Reduction: The traumas individuals and communities have faced come with them to leadership spaces. Also, many leadership programs inadvertently replicate harmful and oppressive practices. How can we minimize the damage we inflict on each other and heal individual and collective trauma in our leadership spaces?

  5. Operationalizing Equity: In the leadership field, we have nearly universally embraced the concept of Equity, however beyond the concept, what does it look like to practice equity in our day-to-day lives and work?

  6. Building Networks for Justice: LLC has long committed itself to supporting the emergence and success of networked approaches to leadership. How do our networks remain ever purpose-driven with a goal of building power to make concrete changes in the lives of people in our communities? 


Why Creating Space Matters:

LLC deeply believes that wisdom and knowledge live within our institutions, communities, networks and other collectives, not just with a few select experts. Creating Space creates opportunities for participants to learn with and from each other, to innovate collectively and explore deeply. By incorporating a regional model, LLC hopes to create opportunities for people to delve into this learning, taking into account the local context.


Purpose Driven Leadership: 

Since most people act in place, we hope that by incorporating the regional component, Creating Space 2019 will create opportunities for folks to develop strategies to move folks to action. At LLC, we don't think of leadership learning simply for the sake of learning. We think of our work as learning both for the inherent value of learning, and also for the purpose of catalyzing action for change.


Are you interested in contributing to one of the regional convenings, a gathering in your own community, or perhaps a virtual gathering? If so please let us know here. Would you be willing to have a stakeholder call with me so I can learn about your experiences in the LLC network? Let us know here.