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LLC is Seeking a New Co-Executive Director


LLC is seeking to hire a new Co-Executive Director. As you may already know, LLC is committed to exploring distributed leadership models. Our first experiment with Deborah Meehan and me was an amazing learning experience.  We learned a lot about our individual leadership styles, communication, operationalizing equity and power sharing and we are eager to continue this learning.

Personally, I’m excited about again having a partner in crime. Prior to coming to LLC, I wasn’t interested in being an Executive Director because the predominant models I’d observed during my career were not attractive.  While we can debate whether they were sustainable, most didn’t seem like jobs capable of sustaining a life I wanted to lead. This is why I was so excited to come to LLC. LLC really values people. Not only did the selection process that I experienced center equity, I truly felt like my personhood was centered. Each stage in the process, to me, resembles the building of a new relationship. Compared to other experiences, I never felt like I was in the proverbial “hot seat” or that I had to prove my market value. Instead, LLC staff and Board created a container where we could simply explore whether or not I and LLC were a good fit for each other.  It was made clear that even if we ultimately decided the fit wasn’t the right one, there was still an interest in a continued relationship.   

We are excited to bring in a new Co-Executive Director to help lead the next stage in LLC’s growth, broadening our thinking about distributed, equity-centered, and collective leadership as well as helping LLC to deepen our exploration of Liberatory Leadership.  

In one of the 1:1 conversations I had about Liberatory Leadership, a friend, Nikki Dinh,  asked the question, “how is this process liberatory?”. That question has stuck with me. In subsequent blogs, we’ll share how we are attempting to apply a liberatory lens to the  Co-Executive Director selection process. We’ll also be asking for help from our network to help spread the word, inform, and participate in the selection process. 

We want to explicitly encourage BIPOC candidates to apply.  Often potential BIPOC candidates and other people with marginalized identities don’t apply to positions because they incorrectly think of themselves as unqualified. Diversity, passion, vision, and lived experience matter to us, so if you care about leadership development as a tool for real change and think you can truly advance LLC’s work, please connect with us.

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