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Resources for Connected Nonprofit Leadership: A Collection of Research

For the past five months, Impact Brokers-a cooperative of nonprofits, investors, consultants and community partners coming together to improve our collective capacity to tackle complex social challenges-has had a presense here on the Leadership Learning Community blog. We've thoroughly enjoyed using this space as a means of reflecting on our work and related issues like the value of networks for nonprofits and their constituents, the meaning of shared leadership and leadership as a process, and the pros and cons of nonprofit culture. We hope these blog posts have had some value for others interested in the same topics. As a more tangible offerring, Impact Brokers is sharing the attached document for your reading pleasure. It is a collection of more than 20 research items and readings that make up the basis for Impact Brokers activities. It includes links and abstracts of titles in three main sections:

  • Networks & Leadership
  • Social Capital & Leadership
  • Social Capital & Those That Non Profits Serve

It should prove valueable for those intersted in a research-based approach to work in these areas.

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