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We invite you to partner with the Leadership Learning Community in our mission to advance to a more just and equitable society by transforming the way leadership development work is conceived, conducted and evaluated.


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The Leadership Learning Community exists to strengthen the work of those dedicated to cultivating leadership that promotes social justice. Your support

allows us to provide unparalleled access to resources and networking opportunities among the leadership development community, especially the Leadership Development Monthly Newsletter, which has a readership of over 3,000, and the Leadership Development Webinar Series, which has attracted over 1,500 participants over the last couple of years.


Contribute to an Equity Fund for the 2013 Creating Space event.


The Leadership Learning Community grew out of a national gathering called "Creating Space." We are bringing back this gathering as a way of enabling the community of leadership development practitioners, funders, researchers and evaluators to self-organize around the questions that emerge from their work and find solutions together. The goal of Creating Space is to support and improve leadership by encouraging participants to reflect, connect, and learn from each other. Your support would allow us to create an Equity Fund to support those who want to attend the event but have limited resources, so we can ensure that Creating Space continues to bring together diverse voices in the leadership development community.


Drive the development and distribution of innovative research that promotes more inclusive, networked and collective leadership approaches

Leadership for a New Era, or LNE, is a collaborative research initiative launched bythe Leadership Learning Community that focuses on understanding how leadership can become more inclusive, networked and collective. We have partnered with thought leaders in the network development and leadership development fields to develop reports including:
Your support allows us to develop and distribute these reports, promoting a stronger leadership model, and in turn, achieving social justice outcomes.