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A New Focus for LLC | Leadership Development Hiding in Plain Sight

Leadership Hiding in Plain Sight

This year, LLC will be focusing on the theme of  A New Leadership Development Mindset: Leadership Development Hiding in Plain Sight. In the linked article, Deborah explains and provides examples of the new lens with which we are looking at leadership development. Our intention is to identify, analyze and promote approaches that help to cultivate  leadership as a collective process. Many of these approaches are built into supporting groups as they do their work and don't necessarily conform to conventional ideas about leadership development occurs or is supported.  While we think traditional programs are important, they don’t tell the entire leadership story. What’s missing are approaches that don’t necessarily operate in a traditional leadership development space, but that support individuals who engage in joint work within a network. We'd like to also look at processes that build the capacity of individuals and groups in identifying common purpose and aligning their efforts to achieve greater impact. 


Read our statement on the Leadership Learning Community's updated mission to learn more on our belief that promoting leadership as a process that is more inclusive, networked and collective will have a greater impact in advancing equity


We have been scouting for exemplary organizations that demonstrate inclusive, networked and collective approaches. Check out these examples of the New Leadership Mindset at work:


The Energy Action Network (EAN)



Greater Grand Rapids Racial Equity Network



LINC Community Revitalization


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