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Webinar Series | Evolutionary Leadership: How To Redesign Our Communities, Institutions, and Societies


Thursday November 12th, 2015 at 11:00am Pacific


Most leadership programs today train leaders to be effective in the world we currently live in - the same world that is not working for all the humanity and its ecological systems. This makes leaders to consciously or unconsciously reinforce established cultures and institutions even if they have best intentions and are truly concerned about the people and the planet. This traps leaders in always leading from the past rather than from the highest possibility for all stakeholders. Evolutionary Leadership addresses this leadership trap of our time by enabling leaders to be effective in redesigning the world.

We claim that in doing that there is no lack of tools - what we really need now is navigation. Therefore we propose a framework that structures the wealth of currently available social technologies and tools in a way that allows leaders to develop capacity to consciously and effectively redesign worldviews, cultures, and institutions for a more just, sustainable, and flourishing world.

This one hour webinar is designed to present our framework and how it can be applied on personal, local, national, and global levels. We will also introduce ways to develop Evolutionary Leadership competencies and receive ongoing support from an evolving community if practice.


Manuel Manga
As Co-Founder & Managing Partner of the Institute for Evolutionary Leadership Manuel develops and supports leaders who redesign the world to make it more just, sustainable, and flourishing. He brings a wealth of experience in leadership development, strategic conversations, team building, systems thinking, organizational learning, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability, working with prominent clients across sectors, nations, and cultures. He is the originator of the Seven Competencies of Evolutionary Leadership - a valuable framework that enables leaders to get out the leadership trap of our time.




Fyodor Ovchinnikov
Fyodor is Co-Founder & Managing Partner of the Institute for Evolutionary Leadership. In this capacity he works on designing an organization and a community of practice that would expand opportunities for application and enrich the content of Evolutionary Leadership. As participatory process designer, consultant, and facilitator Fyodor has worked with local and international clients from business, government, and civil society. He is also the founder of the Center for Intercultural Communication through which he educated 200+ executives, entrepreneurs, and business professionals in cultural intelligence.