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Webinar : Successfully Transitioning Your Organization to a Network Mindset (Video & Slides)

Submitted by: LLC Staff on May 18th, 2016 at 10AM PDT

Friday, June 10, 2016

10:00 -11:00 am Pacific | 1:00 - 2:00 pm Eastern


Working in networked ways is fundamentally different than traditional ways of working. Organizations can commit to a network approach yet not fully realize all the pieces and behaviors needed to make it actually work.

Carole Martin and Beth Tener will share their insights as coaches/facilitators with a wide range of social change network initiatives. They'll explore what they have been learning about which networks get traction and grow and which ones stumble, related to these themes:

  • What does organization readiness to embrace the network approach "look like"? How do board and staff members organize their time, priorities, and mindset differently?
  • How does leading look different both within and outside your organization?
  • What are some key pitfalls and lessons learned that you can keep in mind as you design for a more inclusive, joyous and connected way of working?

If your organization is pursuing networked ways of working, considering going this route or are on your way and hitting some bumps in the road, this will be a helpful conversation to participate in and invite in colleagues who are still learning.

Additional Resources compiled by Beth and Carole.





Beth Tener, Principal of New Directions Collaborative, is a facilitator and strategy coach who works with collaborative initiatives enabling people and organizations working on similar issues to find their shared purpose, align their work, and create networks for collaboration so they can achieve greater impact. She helps leaders build skills in working with a network mindset and navigate the formative stages of developing networks. Examples of client projects include the MA Global Warming Solutions Project Network, United Way of Greater New Bedford, Success Boston, Great Neighborhoods Network of MA Smart Growth Alliance, New Hampshire Farm to School, Vermont Farm to Plate Network, and Farm to Institution New England. An area of interest and experimentation is how a network approach and attention to equity, regenerative principles, and a collaborative learning focus can be integrated into meeting design, strategic planning, and collaborative work at every stage.



Carole Martin actively engages with others in designing, problem-solving and making meaningful change happen across a wide range of issue areas. Areas of noteworthy experience and experimentation include cultivating shared leadership skills, attitudes and cultural conditions and the successful formation, revitalization and ending of complex collaborations. Examples of client projects include the design and implementation of a climate funder learning and doing collaborative; developing collective governance approaches for a statewide network focused on preventing early childhood trauma and another focused on saving the fishing industry in Maine; and supporting the land trust movement as it intentionally transitions to a more community-based, inclusive approach to its work.