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Support the development and inclusion of voices of color today!

This Giving Tuesday, join us in supporting the advancement of social and racial equity in nonprofit leadership development.


This year, we committed ourselves to building a conversation around the importance of including diverse voices in nonprofit leadership. This looks like making space for leaders of color to thrive both in and outside of work.

We know that voices of color are often sidelined in discussions about leadership that privileges the mainstream dominant culture models. We also know that everyone should be able to join our work, independent of organizational budgets.

That’s why, for Creating Space 2017 (LLC’s national meeting which we held in New Orleans in October) we made it our goal to  finance the attendance of people of color and folks with less financial means through our equity fund.


We’re proud to report that because of this intention, we were able to fund 30% of Creating Space 2017’s participants! And most of those recipients were folks of color.


None of this would have been possible without each of your generosity and commitment to ensuring that Creating Space 2017 was an inclusive and equitable space for learning.  


We ask for you to continue in supporting the development and inclusion of voices of color in nonprofit spaces by making a donation TODAY!

In Solidarity,

Leadership Learning Community