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Developing Leadership that Contributes to Racial Equity

Submitted by: LLC Staff on Sep 27th, 2018 at 3PM PDT

Our collective document is getting unwieldy, and in a good way. We want to allow for more generative contribution before working to integrate all of the comments and organize the content in more accessible ways. We continue to welcome comments on diagnostic questions, recommendations and resources, and we are getting great resources so please keep them coming. To add your comments or access this collective document, click here.


In addition, it would be helpful earlier in the document to describe what we are driving towards as the skills, ability, knowledge, practices and behaviors that we would expect to be present and observable in individuals and groups. In other words, what does racial equity compentency look like in practice. Answering this question if fundamental to understanding what it will take to help people and groups get there. We would love your help with this question in the document.


There are also many definitions of racial equity and we would welcome yours. We may want to include a number of definitions or we may be able to land on one as we see the most common themes in the definitions shared. Again we appreciate your help!


If you would like to be part of a design group to work with the content shared and figure out the best ways to organize and share the content please send an email to And last of all, to the many, many contributors, a heartfelt thanks!