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Ensley Alive: A Network Leadership Model

Guest Blog by Bettina Byrd-Giles


During a recent Network Co-Creation Community of Practice that LLC is facilitating for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, one of the

participants talked about how the language and concepts were giving her a new lens for understanding the work she was already doing. She blogged about their work and talked about what network leadership looks like in practice and what they are accomplishing. I enjoyed reading about the work and learning from Bettina. I think you will too.









Bettina Byrd-Giles is the CEO for The Bethesda Life Center, Inc., a non-profit health clinic that promotes health access to medically under-served populations. Her expertise includes cultural competence, intercultural communication and health disparities. She has been a consultant for medical research projects to recruit and retain study participants from different cultures. Ms. Byrd-Giles is a Culture of Health Leader, a program committed to eliminating health disparities and building an equitable playing field for patients from all cultures and backgrounds.