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BIG NEWS….LLC has hired a Co-Director!

We are excited to share this big news with you, but before we get to the introduction of Ericka Stallings, we first want to take a minute to thank members of the LLC network, the board and many candidates who have been on this important journey with us, and shaped our learning and decision making. The entire process has been a win because all of the candidates we spoke with had many talents to bring to LLC’s work, and as a network we are confident that we will find other opportunities to tap their wisdom and expertise! Next month we will share an article of lessons learned about how we anchored this process in our values, kept equity front and center, engaged the network and, slowed down to benefit from collaborative learning and reflection.   


And without further delay, we are excited to introduce you to Ericka Stallings. Ericka comes to us from the Association for Neighborhood Housing and Development where she was the Deputy Director for Capacity Building and Strategic Initiatives. In her role, Ericka ran and helped to develop the innovative Center for Community Leadership. If you read her blog post or attended the LLC webinar on “Important Lessons for Cultivating Leadership of Color in Community Organizing“ you know that she brings deep wisdom about supporting the leadership of people of color, and about supporting the leadership of people closest to the problems we are trying to solve. (If you missed the blog and webinar, it's not too late to check them out.) Through her work at the intersection of leadership, equity and advocacy, Ericka brings an important perspective on power. This wisdom, experience, and skill is critical to taking LLC’s work centering equity in leadership to the next level, so look out!

Are you starting to pick up on our enthusiasm yet? In addition to all of this, Ericka impressed us as someone who knows how to run with big ideas and get things done. She has been part of shared leadership models, values the ideal and knows what it takes in practice to make it work (as evident from talking to her former co-leads/co-conspirators:-)). When asked about supervision, which often elicits a groan, Ericka totally geeked out showing us that supporting and developing people is core to who she is. On top of all of this, Ericka is fun...and this is not to be underestimated. She was interviewed by a team of three board members and our staff, and the decision to hire her was unanimous. In fact, there was a spontaneous happy dance when she hopped off the call. To give you a flavor and add to the welcome, we have included a quote from each of the interview panel members.


“Ericka’s brings just the right balance of vision and pragmatism. She dreams big, but her dreams aren’t just talk – she’s a mover and a doer, and we are so excited to have her with Deborah at the helm of LLC.”

– Uma Viswanathan, LLC Board Chair


“Ericka brings a wonderful combination of smarts, experience, creativity, resilience and warmth to LLC. I’m so glad to have her in the fold.”

-Duchesne Drew, LLC Board Member


"Ericka appears to be such a natural fit with the values, style and approach of LLC.  She has a demonstrated track record in relationship building, prioritizing equitable principles/practices and innovating and tinkering at the edges that is naturally and well integrated into her repertoire. Those qualities coupled with her knowledge and experience with networks and systems portends great synergy and new possibilities ahead."

-Lisa Leverette, LLC Board Member


"Beyond her stellar credentials and a well established presence in this space, I am in awe of the intentionality, thoughtfulness, and sincerity that Ericka brings to her work.  I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with her!"

-Kyle Shimamoto, LLC Operations and Project Manager


As we said, we look forward to having you meet Ericka too. When she visits the Bay Area the first week of March there will be happy hour so stay tuned for details.  We will also be hosting a virtual coffee (date) for our board chair to introduce you to Ericka and give you chance to meet her and chat. Ericka will be working virtually from New York so if you are in NY and would like to get together do reach out (but not before the big day, March 4th). If you would like to send a personal welcome feel free to send a message to


On behalf of all of us, “Welcome Ericka! We are so happy to have you join our team and bring your amazing leadership to LLC’s important work to advance social and racial justice.!”